Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Plan of Action

So this is officially my first post on Wintergreen, and probably my last. I’ve been busy for quite some time trying to figure out what the deal is behind this fucking hotel, why we’re stuck here and why it’s completely abandoned. Given that I’m the only person here with any experience in the metaphysical, I’ve basically been locked in our safe room entering meditative trances and doing rituals day and night learning whatever I can and never sleeping more than two hours at a time. It’s exhausting, certainly, and I don’t even have Seattle’s famous coffee to keep me going. But by now some of you are just putting two and two together. Yeah, I’ve stopped my ritual shenanigans to post an update. I’ve made a discovery and I’m here to ask for help. Though to be honest, once you hear what the deal is you may not want to come to our rescue. I can’t in good conscience endanger you, so here’s everything we know. From there, if you’re around and want to help then we can use anything you have to offer.

So here it is.

The first thing I did when this started was set up a sacred space. Arkady and the others were told not to enter, as I didn’t want them messing around with anything. They all obliged save Arkady, who had no intention of letting his precious “wizard” stay unprotected. The room, which I called Sanctuary, was warded and protected by six full Goetic Demons both in the physical plane and the astral plane. Strangely enough, my magick seemed to be working with incredible ease here. That wasn’t a good sign, as that probably meant something in the Astral Plane was being tampered with. But I figured I might as well play to my strengths just the same and established more wards outside of Sanctuary into the immediate surrounding area.

Once all of that was taken care of I decided to investigate the Astral Plane. It was my first real clue, as astral energy seemed to weave it’s way into our world far too easily. This was especially worrisome since none of us seemed to be effective influenced by outsider emotions. The Astral Plane responds strongly to feelings, so we should have seen those effects first hand in the real world if everything was entwined the way my magick initially suggested it was. But none of us felt any differently, so it wasn’t adding up. Projection was also easy enough, but the experience was radically different. Whereas the Astral Plane is a myriad of colors and shapes become distorted to match their emotional resonance, everything here in the Astral Plane looked exactly like it did in the real world, just slightly more insubstantial. It was like I was seeing the real world through some sort of glass.

I spent a few days traveling about, flying above the compound and trying to see if anything stood out. Nothing did, and I checked the boundaries of the hotel to see if there was any way I could escape this place. Unfortunately it wasn’t just the real world that was looped. It was a weird effect to see from above. On the ground you could hardly see the change, but from above when you can see hundreds of feet ahead you could see plane as day the ground shift like the water’s surface, reforming as you pass the boundary and reshaping itself into the entrance of the hotel. I’m not sure why it had such a profound effect on me, but I felt miserable seeing it happen. I think some part of me was desperately hoping that it was all just a delusion, and seeing that finally killed whatever part of me was holding on to that idea.

A half hour nap later I was back in the Astral Plane. This time I decided to try something else. I figured the next best bet was to try and enter Oneiros. Perhaps the deeper realm was still open to me. I might be able to access the dreams of another magician and get their help. The portal took a while to open, but eventually the shimmering and illuminated purple and gold gateway was open. Arkady was on standby in the physical world, that same bored and disgruntled look on his face. I think he secretly wanted something to go wrong just so he could work out his frustrations on something. I stepped through the boundary, and for a moment everything went pure black before color shifted back into my vision. I was standing in my physical body in the real world, completely out of Oneiros and the Astral Plane.

That was not good. Not fucking good at all. Something had kicked me out of Oneiros or prevented me from entering at all. I couldn’t tell, not with what I’d seen. I tried to commune with the Goetic demons, but even they were unsure what exactly had happened. All they were certain of is that I never left the Astral Plane or the physical world. It sounded like the gateway had been collapsed, but the Demons themselves saw no sign of outside intervention. As far as I knew, that could only mean one thing. The gateway to Oneiros leading back to the physical dimension could only work if the physical dimension and Oneiros were one. Somehow Slenderman had fused the two together at this hotel.

The good news is that the actual physical location might still be reachable for you guys. With Astaroth’s help and a mirror we stole from a bathroom, I think I can recreate the spell from my earlier encounter in Javert’s mansion to create at least a temporary gateway to our place. This Friday I’ll set up the gateway. To get there you guys will have to find the mirror’s analogue in the physical dimension. It’s room 213, the last room on the East side of the building. Find it at midnight and I think I can bring anyone in that general area to us. We could use whatever help you can bring.

And since this is likely the last time I ever post, I figured I'd sign off in the most fitting manner I can think of. Consider this my farewell address to the rest of you, in musical form.




  1. I'll be glad to help any way I can, though I don't know how useful I'll be with my injuries. I'm headed over now.


    I'm going to regret this. But seeing as I can get nearly anywhere on the astral plane, I might be of help.

    Lord knows I can't get down to Texas physically. You're probably out of luck on someone getting to wherever in Texas you are.

    Lets toss around some E-mails, eh? Worse comes to worst, I just have to sit on my hands and hope you guys come out alright.

    I hope you're still checking here. Good luck.

  3. There's no way I can physically get myself to Texas by midnight tomorrow. I'd drown in the paperwork just trying to get permission to go stateside in that time frame. Trying to get there as a private subject would fire off alarms in places I'd rather were left unalarmed.

    Thus my only real option is to try and reach you through the dreamlands, since it appears I could physically manifest in the outpocket once I reach it. That presumes I can bypass or disable the friend who is deliberately barring my access to you. Possibly to prevent me from encountering the entity again.

    I'll try another recon tonight and see what that gets me.

  4. So far it seems I'm the only one who can drift wherever, whenever. I'm at the airport now, flight's leaving. If you happen to change your mind, I don't mind. Texas might be a fun place to stay~

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  6. I have prior engagements.

    My only advice to you is that if you see a red field, run. Fucking RUN.


    I'll probably regret this, too. I can make it to Austin by midnight, though. Corpus Christi isn't too far. It'd be nice to get away from the humidity, too, even if I won't live to enjoy it for very long.

  8. Sorry I wasn't able to help but my team and I have been down in the Under following some leads. Likely to be down here until Tuesday. I'm still astounded at this miraculous wifi signal; I better use it to backup some notes with HQ. Please excuse me.