Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mysteries in Time and Space

Though we’re still stuck on this little chunk of land things have been relatively quiet. Oh we’ve heard rustling in the woods behind our conjoined room and static from the radio, but, well after all we’ve been through that is quiet. I’ll admit it’s been a little unsettling, the fact that we’re trapped within a 5 square mile space… maybe it just got tired of chasing Henry and I around the country. Anyhow, we hit a bit of a snag tonight. Seems that our food reserves for the ride up to Seattle did not take reality warping imprisonment into account, as such Damien and I went out to explore a bit more and hopefully find something worth eating.

We only really found 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and a liquor store… so dinner is going to be sort of interesting. Also interesting are the things that disappeared while we made our last stop, not that we noticed their absence at first. Well maybe we did but if so those memories are floating around wherever we were between leaving the booze store and finding our way back to Hotel California. We walked on through the front door like usual and headed to our room. It wasn’t until we dropped off our first load “food” and talked with the others though that we realized anything was amiss.

Four hours had passed since we set out and the time we returned, and during those four hours it seems that every other person who was occupying our prison has disappeared. The first person we noticed missing was the cute girl at the front desk. I’d teased Damien about not flirting with her on our way in, it wasn’t until after discussing the oddities of temporal displacement and grabbing the rest of our spoils though that her absence became concerning. We tried calling the hotel’s main office to ask about the front desk, they insisted that somebody was there and connected us. And though we spoke to her on the phone when we went back out front she was missing again. Further investigation proved two things: the stretch of highway leading to the hotel is suspiciously vacant, and despite a half filled lot nobody else seems to be at the hotel.




  1. Sounds like you're in an onion outpocket. How to explain it without getting technical.

    Okay you're in bubble of space-time extruded from your native continuum. Inside that bubble is another extrusion, and another, and another... best to think of it as the layers of an onion.

    Each layer as you work your way in covers a smaller and smaller area of space (and possibly time) and each layer as you work out contains duplicates of the inner layers. Beyond the outermost layer is your native continuum.

    So the good news is there is probably still a way out. You just have to find it. The bad news is it sounds like the outpocket is growing and you're being shifted up into deeper layers of the onion as it does.

    The cute girl is still there, just not in the same layer of the onion that you are. Same goes for the other guests and the traffic.

    I hate stating the bleeding obvious but you can't sit around with your collective thumbs up your bum. You need do find your way out and you have to do it together.

    As the outpocket grows it will become further and further divorced from your native continuum. Eventually it will calve off completely and/or bridge into another 'nearby' continuum. The bridging thing isn't as bad as it sounds. Reality as we perceive it is just the most likely outcome on the probability wavefront. You probably wouldn't notice at first and if you did you may think you were mis-remembering.

    Anyway I'm no expert on these things so I'm going to have a chat with some colleagues who are.

    DON'T sit tight and wait it out. Find the exit. Meanwhile I'll look see if I we can't stage a rescue or something.

  2. Mystical Slender Onion huh... Well I've experienced weirder things since all this started up.

    Any suggestions on getting out? Damien and I (mostly Damien as I still think my success getting into Onerios was a fluke) have been trying all the Astral Travel and Ars Goetia stuff again in attempt to find some way out of here. The rituals and sigils have been acting kinda wonky since we got trapped here though, lest Damien claims so.

    Better yet, any idea on how I could get back into Slenderland? Dumb as it is I've seen what happens in there... that poor little girl catatonic and strung up in a massive tree by the neck... after I pulled her out once? Yeah, that's just not going to fly.

  3. Well maintaining that outpocket is going to require a lot of 'power' so you're going to be relatively closer to the entity's realm than you may have been before.

    Have you tried lucid dreaming? I mean in general and specifically. If you haven't then now is not the time to do so. However if you're a strong lucid dreamer then feel free to see where it can get you. Just take the psychic equivalent of a metric fuckton of weedkiller with you.