Thursday, June 16, 2011

Operation Wintergreen

Operation Wintergreen. It’s certainly a stupid name isn’t it? Last time I go and offer up a sarcastic suggestion to this lot. Seriously.

So you may be wondering just what Operation Wintergreen is… it has a name like that of some definite plan doesn’t it… a sort of cruel suggestion that any of us have the faintest clue what we’re doing in all this.

We don’t.

Operation Wintergreen is in fact just the solution to our problem of what to do now that the whole group of us has come together after all this time. As Arkady and Damien actually have a significant number of readers we decided it would be best to just start a new blog and make things simpler for them. It was either that or let them jump back and forth between 3 blogs to see what all was going on with us. While it’s not the best solution, it is better than most of what we’ve actually got time for.

You may also be wondering why it is that we’ve suddenly decided to get together at all. When this started months ago (jeez has it really been that long?) I blamed myself for getting Damien involved. And then after our whole kidnap Sara back from Slenderland adventure I’d painted a pretty big target on myself, seemed like hanging around with Damien and his new friend would only make things worse for their side of things. Now though it seems that Henry and I both have something to contribute… I’ve gained some small amount of martial skill and the discovery of Sara’s slender-detection uses… well I feel that now we’d all be safer as a group than we would have before. 

So yeah… welcome to Operation Wintergreen, our Super Fun Adventures of fleeing from the Slenderman and sparring matches with an irritatingly pretentious literary sort. The gang and I are laying out plans right now. Seems we're headed to Seattle for safety and shelter... and not simply because Damien wants to get involved in it's active Goth scene before we all wind up dead. Fun times ahead ladies and gentlemen. Fun times.




  1. And by "not simply because Damien wants to get involved in it's active Goth scene before we all wind up dead", we mean completely because he wants to hang out with the Goth scene.

    And I'm told I have odd priorities.

  2. The name of this blog made me think it was a type of gum of a few seconds.

  3. Were we going to end up any less dead in any other city? I'll give you a moment to ponder that.

    What's that? Silence? Thought so.

  4. Setoth. We're both sitting across from each other in the same room. Why are you commenting on a blog when you can just talk to me.

    Not that I don't love sitting here in absolute silence with you and coma girl while the others go and do whatever it is they do.

  5. Because I have headphones on, and listening to Eat Your Makeup is more fun than hearing you whine out loud about my choice of city, as if it made any difference to you almighty Princess Svidrigailov?

  6. @Zed: Heh, you'd think the others would have picked up on that

    @Arkday and Setoth: This is going to be a fun car ride isn't it?

  7. Also, my grammar is atrocious. I think I need some sleep.

  8. Goodness.. I take just a few minutes to tend to Sara and you all start bickering. Over the Internet no less. Damien, I think we all need sleep.

  9. Oh Goodie. NAPPA 2.0. This should be funny.

  10. Hey, it's Morningsickness! Bring us any housewarming presents? Stop by Seattle sometime next week and we'll do lunch, babydoll.


  11. Austin to Seattle? That's days. You'll kill each other on the car trip there before the Slender Man has a chance to kill you himself.

    ... Ah hell. Go ahead, actually, it sounds like a neat way to troll him.

  12. I've made it from Denver to Chicago in under 20 hours before; I think we can manage Austin to Seattle in a little over a day.

    Though that would be a funny twist, wouldn't it?


  13. @Dante: I'm expecting Slenderdouchebaggery.