Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I failed. Completely failed. Fucking hell. Everything is going wrong now. Not only are all the goddamn people here gone, but he came and he took Sara from me. I failed her, I failed Ronnie. Goddamn it. It all happened so fucking fast..

I was brushing her teeth in the bathroom, making sure she stayed healthy, when she suddenly turned and looked at the wall. I called to Kal as the toothbrush clattered to floor but no one had any time to do anything as the windows all exploded inward. I don't know if anyone got hurt by it but the noise was so sudden, so loud - my ears rang for the next few minutes. As I  stumbled into the main part of the room Kal and I shared, the Thief appeared in the middle of it. One minute there was just Kal on the floor covering his ears, the next there was a suited fucking asshole standing there, facing me. No more with the stuttering walk of the past though - now he moved fluidly toward me. I drew my knife and took a step back. Then from Arkady and Damien's room I heard.. shouting? Yes, it was shouting, because then I saw Arkady, the crazy bastard, charging in from the other room, ready to duke it out with our Stalker. It didn't last long, as the Thief flung him across the room. I can't remember, but I think he may even have gone out the broken window. Thank god for first floor rooms...

And then it was back to me. I raised my knife and stabbed at him - and suddenly I was on the other side of him, freezing cold, my knife gone. The bastard had pulled me through himself and stolen my weapon! I turned to see him in the bathroom, arms wrapped around Sara. My eyes went wide as I realized what he'd come for, to steal yet more from me, and I ran at him but before I could even cross the threshhold of the bathroom, he was gone. More importantly, she was gone. Taken from me.

I failed.



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  1. At least everyone's alive. And with everyone alive there's a higher chance of beating that piece of shit, and of finding Sara