Friday, July 8, 2011

Tonight we launch our attack… our rescue mission. We’ve made a handful of new friends this week… good people dumb enough to waltz into this prison and sign up for our suicide mission. I’m having a hard time understanding that honestly, people we don’t even know ready to throw their lives away for four kids, a psychopath, and a vegetable of a little girl. Well whatever, I’m thankful for them and that’s about all that matters. And hey, if we get lucky in these maybe a couple of our now enlarged group will manage to escape this place too.

At least AlgSage had the good sense to leave his body somewhere safe.

Oh well. Guess it’s time to show our eldritch horror not to fuck around with a group of pissed off 20-somethings.
~ Kal Jameson



  1. I bid you all good luck. I will pay a round of drinks for whoever lives (excluding the obvious.

  2. Who's the obvious, Glassy boy? Ain't no proxy comin' out alive. And that friendly neighborhood abomination will regret ever fucking with us.

  3. Hey, we're kinda doomed to die anyway, right? Might as well do it on our own terms rather than the Slender Man's.

    I think Glass means AmalgamationSage. He's the smart one who left his body at home.